Does RV Insurance Cover Rodent Damage?

 Sometimes, you may wonder that does RV insurance cover rodent damage. Many RV plans cover damage caused by rodents because this is usually covered by full-coverage auto insurance. Not all insurance plans offer this kind of protection, but many do because RV owners often run into this problem.

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Does RV Insurance Cover Rodent Damage?

Does RV Insurance Cover Rodent Damage?

It’s always awful to find wires that have been chewed on, holes in the walls, and mouse droppings in your RV. Some of these doubts are easy to solve, while others take a long time and money. RV insurance is essential for anyone who wants to travel without worrying, so let’s look at some of the main types of protection these plans offer and see if rodent damage is covered.

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1. Protections That Most RV Plans Offer

Every RV insurance plan is slightly different, but most offer the same protection.


Every type of vehicle needs collision coverage. If you crash your RV and it gets damaged, collision insurance can pay to fix it or even place it if the damage is bad enough. Most collision insurance will pay for these costs, whether or not the driver was at fault for the accident.


Everyone who owns an RV or motorhome must have liability insurance. This insurance will pay for any damage or injuries you cause while driving your RV. This damage can cover some or all of the costs if you hurt someone else or damage their car. If you have a fifth-wheel or travel trailer, you can use the insurance policy for the vehicle that pulls it instead of buying two separate plans.

Medical Payments

Like collision insurance, medical payments will pay for treatment for you and anyone else who might get hurt in an accident. Medical payments coverage will be used whether or not you were at fault.

Roadside Assistance

Every RV owner needs to have roadside assistance. You need to be able to get help from someone else if you blow a tire, run out of gas, or want to be towed somewhere. Although some emergency roadside plans are superior to others, almost all RV insurance providers will assist you in some kind if your vehicle breaks down.


Comprehensive coverage protects you and your RV from damage that may not be listed in other plans. This is usually caused by water damage, natural disasters, fallen tree branches, and rodent damage. Details vary, but you can make a good case for any damage if you have full coverage.

There are also upgrades and add-ons that you can choose to add to your plan. These can include things like vacation liability, total loss replacement, and coverage for pet injuries. Pest damage protection is sometimes even covered by a different plan. 

Most of the time, standard comprehensive coverage will cover damage caused by rodents. But you should always search with your insurance policy to be sure.

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2 Plans For RV Insurance That Covers Damage Caused By Rodents

If your RV insurance plan has “comprehensive coverage,” it will usually protect your vehicle from damage caused by rodents and other things that might not be the first thing you think of.

You should always check to see what each all-inclusive plan covers because it can be different. But because damage from rodents is a fairly common problem for RV owners, most insurance companies will cover this kind of damage.

Before you choose a plan, you should always check the details of an insurer’s limits. Comprehensive insurance may be part of the standard base package, but it may also need to be bought separately.

Here is a few insurance companies that offer complete plans or extra coverage for damage caused by rodents.

Good Sam




Insurance for car owners

Many other insurance companies will cover damage caused by rodents, but the ones listed above are some of the best-known. They have an excellent reputation for positive customer service and reliable work.

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3 How to stop the damage from rodents?

Whether or not your RV insurance covers damage from mice and rats, it’s a good idea to maintain them in the first place. They won’t be a problem if they can’t get into your RV.

You can keep mice and rats out of your RV in several ways. Here are some of them:

Block entrances

Mice are small and sneaky, so that they can get into your RV through holes as small as a nickel. Try to keep your RV closed when you’re not using it. Keep doors shut and window screens in place. Pests can be kept away from vents and air ducts by putting soap, steel wool, or mouse-proof sprays in the openings.

Take away the food and clean up the mess.

Empty the trash often and take all food out of your RV when you’re not using it. Even dry foods can attract mice, so don’t keep anything in your cabinets.

Cover and skirt your RV.

Rodents can also be kept away from your RV by covering them. RV covers also keep UV damage, dirt, rain, and other things from getting into the car. Mice will also find it harder to get into vents if the cover is tight. Skirting will help protect your tires and RV’s underbelly, where mice can chew their way in.

Set up traps and things that will scare them away.

If nothing else works, you can put traps and things that scare rodents away all over your RV. Mint, cayenne pepper, and other strong smells are too much for their sensitive noses, so they will stay away. Both traps that kill and don’t kill can work, but make sure they don’t get in your way or make children or pets in the RV sick.


You will see furry animals when you take your RV out on the road. Even though some of these animals look cute in the wild, they can cause a lot of damage to your RV. 

Now you may have an idea about does RV insurance cover rodent damage. If you leave your RV parked for a long time without taking care of it, especially when it’s cold outside, mice or squirrels looking for a warm place to stay can get inside.

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