10 Best RV Dealers In Ohio

Do you know about what are the ten best RV dealers in Ohio? You have many options if you want to buy an RV in Ohio. You can start by visiting an RV show and looking at the latest models. Then you can talk to the RV dealer closest to you about which one is best for you.

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Once you’ve bought your ticket, the hard part is over. From there, all you have to do is go on your trip. In the Buckeye State, you can stay in comfort in many RV parks and campgrounds. Consider going to one of these Ohio RV dealerships.

Ten Best RV Dealers In Ohio

RV Dealers In Ohio

1. RVs and Travel Trailers from Paul Sherry

The Paul Sherry crew is in the business of selling travel trailers and motorhomes. This car lot in Piqua is right off Interstate 75, making it easy to get to. They sell and deliver cars both in their area and throughout the country.

RVs Offered

At Paul Sherry, RVs & Travel Trailers, Forest River, Keystone, and Thor are the brands that sell the most. Small pop-up campers used before can sometimes be bought for less than $5,000.

Why Paul Sherry RVs and Travel Trailers are so great

Almost any service you can think of is offered at this RV sales place. They will help you get financing and insurance, take your trade-in, and get your car ready for winter.

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2. General RV Center

Northeast Ohio has everything a camper could want. One branch of General RV Center is near the farms of North Canton.

RVs Offered

At General RV Center, they only show the best new and used RVs. Even when they cost less than $10,000, the used travel trailers are always in great shape.

Why you’re going to like General RV Center

General RV Center has showrooms in more than one state, so the company can ship you the RV you want. With this benefit, you can choose from many different RVs.


3. The company All American Coach

Since 1972, this family-run business has been selling cars in the Toledo area. The company has many customers at home and abroad, so it works hard to quickly get vehicles to their new owners.

RVs Offered

At this store, you can buy a brand-new travel trailer for between $13,000 and $30,000. People say that fifth wheels cost about $70,000.

All American Coach Company: Why You’ll Love It

The service department of this company honors warranties and long-term service contracts. The technicians also work with insurance agents to fix damage caused by things like hail and vandalism.


4. Suburban RV Center

“Make Every Weekend an Adventure” is the motto of the Suburban RV Center in Mansfield. This business has been around since 1964, and towable units are what they do best.

RVs Offered

About a dozen Forest River units are always in stock at Suburban RV Center. New Cherokee and Rockwood models that cost less than $20,000 are usually in stock.


Why you’re going to like Suburban RV Center


People return to Suburban RV Center yearly because of how friendly and family-friendly it is. “Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends,” says the sign in front.


5. Akron’s Camping World

Camping World has locations throughout the United States, including three in Ohio.

The company does an excellent job in Columbus and Cincinnati, but the Akron branch brings good service to the eastern part of the state.

RVs Offered

Camping World has a wide range of RVs for sale that will make you happy. There are models in every price range, from used pop-up campers to new Class A motorhomes.

Why you’ll love Akron’s Camping World

The salespeople at Camping World of Akron can help you figure out what features you need in an RV.

This RV dealer sells campers with different floor plans and styles to meet the needs of all kinds of customers. There is something for everyone in the showroom.


6. RV of the Colerain Family

Getting to a Colerain Family RV facility is accessible no matter where you live in Ohio.

This company has offices in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton, as well as in states nearby. On each lot, you can buy new, used motorhomes and trailers that you can pull behind your car.

RVs Offered

Colerain Family RV sells Class A motorhomes for $12,000 and $135,000. Depending on the brand, model, and year, a foldable camper can cost between $5,000 and $15,000.

Colerain Family RV: Why You’ll Like It

This company promises you won’t find any hidden fees in the paperwork when you buy something from them. The Colerain Family RV Finance Department is where you can apply for a loan.


7. Sherwood Cars and Campers

At Sherwood Auto & Campers, you can buy RVs like fifth wheels along with cars and trucks. They might be new or used, but they’re all in good condition.

Some make models of the most well-known companies on the sales lot in the business.

RVs Offered

A brand-new Grand Design Reflection that costs less than $40,000 is a good deal. Sherwood Auto & Campers may have used Jayco campervans for sale for less than $45,000.

Why Sherwood Auto & Campers are great

You can get almost any service at this place that sells RVs. You can get a loan from the company, trade in your old car, or make an appointment with the mechanics.

This dealership for cars and trucks is a great place to buy an RV.


8. The Homestead RV Center

At Homestead RV Center in Hubbard, the people who work there are proud of how low their overhead costs are.

So, the prices they list for their new and used RVs are less than what they would sell for at a store. Come in to save money on your dream RV.

RVs Offered

Homestead RV Center does a lot of business with Forest River and Jayco. You won’t have to pay more than $14,000 for a new Salem Cruise Lite, and a Salem Hemisphere GLX won’t cost more than $60,000.

Homestead RV Center: Why You’ll Like It

Manager specials are an excellent way to keep an eye out for great deals. Up to $10,000 could be taken off the price of your favorite RVs on the lot. You’ll also love the service department, where technicians have been trained by the factory and know how to rebuild an RV from scratch.


9. The Stewart’s RV Center

Stewart’s RV Center is in St. Clairsville, not far from where Pennsylvania and West Virginia meet. This business has been around for 75 years and has helped many happy drivers stay on the road.

RVs Offered

This dealer stands by their promise that they won’t be undersold by anyone else. With the “Stewart’s RV Price Buster Guarantee,” you can buy a new car at the lowest price possible.

Why Stewart’s RV Center is so great

Stewart’s RV Center has all the necessary parts to keep your RV running well. This dealership will indeed have what you need in its 8,000-square-foot accessory store. Fill up your tank with propane while you’re there.


10. Haydocy Airstream and RV

This dealer is a great place to buy Airstream and Winnebago trailers, among other brands. Haydocy Airstream & RV has a lot of customers. With almost 200 cars in stock, this company gives you a lot of choices.

RVs Offered

At Haydocy Airstream & RV, Class B RVs are often the most expensive ones for sale. They are each listed for between $80,000 and $170,000.

Why Haydocy Airstream & RV Will Make You Happy

The sales staff relies heavily on their excellent reputation since 75 percent of their customers are repeatedly referred.

The team tries to make your stay as easy as possible and gives you a lot of services. They will help you sell the car you already have.



Now you may have an idea about the ten best RV dealers in Ohio. Some of you would never leave the house without bringing your toys. Or maybe you want a more prominent place to live. Heartland Toy Haulers are built with you in mind, no matter what.

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